MacLehose Trail – Hong Kong

On my (hopefully) penultimate trip to Hong Kong, I finally got out of the big city and enjoyed a hike in the New Territories. I only had time for one hike, so I did a little research beforehand and found the most beautiful pictures coming from “Stage 2” of the MacLehose Trail hike, on the east side of the New Territories.

The hike didn’t disappoint. If I’d known this hike was here, I would have done it on my previous trips. Of course, the weather hasn’t always been as beautiful as it was this random Tuesday in January.

Shuffling down the hillside toward the beach I saw a paraglider coming down from on high, circling the shore. He landed on the beach and I spoke with him—Addison was his name—as he was putting away his glider, and promised him I’d send him the pictures.

I spoke to other hikers as well, Hong Kong residents who were hiking this trail for the first time and didn’t even know Long Ke was here till now. If I go again, I’d like to bring a swimsuit and loiter at Long Ke longer.

It took me a while to go through my photos and video, but I put together a brief video of the hike…

Addison the Paraglider

Addison the Paraglider

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  1. About one minute and 40 seconds into the video I thought I was looking at Vancouver. gzn

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