Side trip: Qibao

During my week in Shanghai I took a couple of side trips.

To get away from the hustle of the big city, Alison suggested I take a short ride on the 9 metro to Qibao.

Arriving there I wandered into a nearly empty temple complex.

Qibao Pagoda

Old prayers

When I wandered out, the market streets were filling up with people.

Qibao market

Qibao canal

The second trip was to a city called Hangzhou…

About sinestor

Originally from Los Angeles/Long Beach, California, I'm currently spending a year exploring the amazing world known as China. My main website is Every Day's a Holiday.

One comment

  1. gailn

    I was charmed by the video you sent of West Lake in Hangzhou. I can see that when people are living in a very crowded city in any country, it is nice to have a place to go to that is peaceful, beautiful and serene. Absolutely loved it.

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