Hong Kong – Big Buddha

Tsui Wah Restaurant, Hong Kong

On Wednesday after a Western-fusion breakfast at Wan Tsui, John and I took the subway to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha. The bus ride up the sharp curves of the mountain road to the Buddha was gut-wrenching entertainment. It was comforting to think that these vehicles go up and down the hills ten times a day, they know what they’re doing, until we passed an overturned van in our lane, its injured occupants lying on the pavement, attended to by emergency personnel.

Disco Buddha

The Big Buddha was indeed big, and made even more mysterious by the fact that, due to atmospheric interference, we couldn’t see its face.

Big Buddha - Lantau Island

In the afternoon I ventured to Aberdeen to take a ride on a sampan…

Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Aberdeen

…before joining Sean the New Yorker, Jonas the Hamburger (see previous post), and Augustine the Vancouverite for a visit to Kowloon to watch the highly anticipated nightly light show. We couldn’t actually see the lights because of the fog, but the music was exhilarating.

Today was Jonas’ last day after a four-month trek around Southeast Asia. Sparing no expense, we sent him off with an extravagant farewell dinner at McDonald’s. (I would like to point out this was my first and only trip to McD’s.)

Highly-anticipated Hong Kong light show

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