Chengdu Bird and Flower and Pizza Market

Benny and Olga and I explored Jinli Street, a commercial district outside Wuhou Memorial Temple. The street dates back to the late 3rd century BC.

From my short-lived “Trash Bins of Western China” series.

From there we walked toward the famous Bird and Flower Market. Okay, actually, we walked away from the Bird and Flower Market, thanks to me and my unwavering faith in GPS technology. And after a lengthy sojourn in the opposite direction, hailed a cab.

Even when the taxi dropped us off around the corner from the market, it took a while to discover its full magnitude. The Bird and Flower part was mostly around a little side street, but the less publicized and, to me, the more intriguing section, was the Big Fish and Dead Cow section, hidden inside the ground floor of a building complex to the west.

The Live Fish and Dead Cow Market was in the building to the left.

All that dead cow made me hungry, and when Olga asked me where I wanted to eat lunch, for the first time during my trip I had a bizarre urge to say, “Pizza Hut.”

“Really?” Olga asked confused. That’s where Benny secretly had wanted to eat, but Olga hadn’t wanted to subject me.

Pizza Hut is ubiquitous in China. I must have passed by a hundred without the desire to go inside, but today it called out to me. Pizza Hut in China is like Pizza Hut in the US in that they both serve pizza. But here in China, Pizza Hut here is a fancy two-story restaurant, that serves everything Western under the sun. The pizza wasn’t bad, but real treat was the “Black Angel”, which to my delight turned out to be a coca-cola float. Num num!

The author imbibes a Black Angel at Pizza Hut.

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  1. Love the trash bins of China series! gzn

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